Schools for Sumba


Partnering with Happy Hearts to provide educational opportunites to children from Sumba, Barat Daya in Indonesia

Less than 50% of the 95,000 children between the ages of 3 and 7 years attend school. The number drops to 28% in the Sumba, Barat Daya district in the western part of the island. Children in Indonesia must have a certificate of reading and writing to competency to be admitted to primary school.

WorldVentures Foundation16.5% of parents’ education is graduated from primary school with permanent job as farmer (rice, corn, cassava, cacao). Their income per month is about IDR 1 million (USD 70).

Building preschools will give these children a foundation and early opportunity to thrive. The schools will provide essential items to help them succeed, including clean water and toilet facilities.

Before the school was rebuilt, it was only a simple room with walls which were made of bamboo, rough cement floors, and a tin roof. With conditions like these, the learning process becomes less comfortable and safe. The wind, dust, and rain can enter from the cracks of the walls, causing the materials that build the foundation of the school to erode. There was also no toilet or running water that the children could use. Water was collected by carrying it from a spring in a small river, collecting it from harbored rainwater, or bringing it by a tank car.

With the help of school reconstruction, students and teachers feel much more comfortable in the teaching and learning process and become more enthusiastic to attend school.