"Giving and serving are at the core of what we stand for."

Gwyneth Lloyd, Executive Director, WorldVentures Foundation


Since our inception in 2010, WorldVentures Foundation™ has opened more than 30 Dream Courts™ in the United States with Nancy Lieberman Charities, funded more than 100 bottle schools in Guatemala with Hug It Forward, and, with Waves for Water, implemented a clean-water disaster-relief program worldwide. Donor and volunteer contributions paved the way for renovation of hundreds of orphanages in Greece, Thailand, South Africa and Zimbabwe; supported education in India and Mexico; and provided 400 mosquito nets for children in Brazil. We did all this and more because of the dedication of our donors, and we’re poised to give back at a higher level — with your help — in the following areas:


    Global Projects Funded

Disaster Relief

Global Footprint

"Humans consumed a year’s worth of natural resources during the first 9 months of 2015." — Global Footprint Network

The foundation’s Heart to Serve extends beyond people to our planet, which is why we align with organizations committed to conserving natural resources. From recycling renewable materials to building green schools and play spaces, you can help reduce ecological impact and preserve planet Earth.

In partnership with:

Hug It Forward, Cans for Kids, EntreAmigos


"Two hundred twenty-six million children in developing countries don’t attend secondary school." — UNICEF

Across cultures, there is one universal truth: Education is power. Yet poverty restricts access to quality education for millions of children, especially indigenous youth in developing countries. We are committed to helping children fulfill their academic potential by supporting organizations that share our conviction. Together, we’re building schools and broadening horizons. Only three of 10 children in Guatemala complete the sixth grade and less than 30 percent of indigenous girls in rural villages are even enrolled in school. Help us make an impact in the villages of Guatemala.

In alliance with:

Hug It Forward and EntreAmigos


"It takes a whole village to raise a child." — African proverb

Changing the world is an organic process that starts with people in the places they call home. WorldVentures Foundation is dedicated to strengthening global communities and cultures by supporting programs that advance education, empowerment and engagement. From scrubbing the club at Boys & Girls Clubs of America, to taking the children at Botshabelo Babies Home in South Africa to a petting zoo, to cheering on the teams at Special Olympics in Asia and beyond, opportunities abound for you to serve.


"A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people." — Mahatma Gandhi

Culture, like family, gives each of us identity in a historical context. It’s the “whole complex of distinctive spiritual, material, intellectual and emotional features that characterizes a society or a group,” according to the United Nations. Preserving the rich tapestry of cultures that comprise our world is a priority of the foundation and our service allies.


"WorldVentures Foundation implements sustainable solutions for children across the globe." — Gwyneth Lloyd, Executive Director.

Simply defined, sustainability is the capacity to endure. It’s introducing something new and teaching others to see it through … improving available resources while preserving their essence … maximizing use without depleting future access. The concept has broad application, from culture to nature, and it guides everything we do. You can support sustainable solutions for underserved children worldwide.

In alliance with:

Globe Aware

Disaster Relief/Recovery

"Three hundred seventeen natural disasters struck 94 countries in 2014." — International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

Floods. Wildfires. Earthquakes. Tornados. All share one thing in common: devastation. One of the most critical needs following a natural disaster is clean water. That’s why WorldVentures Foundation took action and raised funds to help Waves for Water provide clean-water relief to Nepal, Ecuador, Haiti, Fiji and Michigan. We stand with other aid organizations in times of emergency, and we invite you to stand with us.

In alliance with:

Waves for Water


From the online world to the real world, read what volunteers past and present are saying about WorldVentures Foundation.

"You can see how the children’s lives are changing by what we do and giving them a brighter future."
| BERNIE COSTAS, Zimbabwe |

"The idea of using bottles and trash to build a school is brilliant! I have gone on two VolunTours to Guatemala to build schools, and the experience has been life-changing."
| JAMES LEE, Singapore |

WorldVentures Fdn @WVFoundation Feb 15

It's not about having time. It's about making time.
#MondayMotivation #wvfoundation #volunteering

"The trip touched my heart like it hadn’t been touched in decades. The people, culture and landscape are real and so inspirational."
| MIKE ROBARE, Texas |

WorldVentures Fdn @WVFoundation Mar 2

Want to know what one of our Volunteer Days is like? View the highlights from our Volunteer Day in Belgrade! https://youtu.be/X-C6Jj80xEA

"WorldVentures Foundation is not about changing my life, it's not about changing your life — it’s about changing generations."
| COLETTE BOWERS, Zimbabwe |

"Because of the WorldVentures Foundation, we were given the opportunity to get involved in activity that would build something that will last for generations, while building camaraderie and personal relations with people from other areas of the world."


"WorldVentures Foundation is giving people all over the globe opportunities to give back in ways they may have never thought possible."

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