Children Are the Future

WVF Children Are the Future

I’ve worked with Botshabelo for three years now. I come to this church so that’s how I became a part of Botshabelo. I’ve got love for the children so, for me to be seeing them growing and becoming who they must be, that’s why – in a way – I pour my life into them. The difference that I’ve seen in the children with the work that we’ve done is just seeing the life come into their eyes and them lighting up when we go and train the teachers and they’re able to teach them and give them equipment that we give them. They know that when we come, there’s a difference that happens in their lives. They get to play. They get to learn playing. That’s one of the most precious moments.

The greatest outcome that the WorldVentures Foundation has done is to uplift the community. They go into the community and do the painting, buy stuff for the center and just fix the place up and lift up the face of the center. The volunteer work matters … when we work without having volunteers, it’s a huge job for us. It matters if you get extra hands that go into the community and help with different things.

In the future, I would like to see the education of South Africa being different, being uplifted, because this is what we are aiming at. We want to look back in years to come and see presidents and ministers coming from these centers. We want them to get the education that the other kids that may be in private schools get.

I love to work with the children because I love the children. And for me, children are the future. We’ll be gone one day and these people will be here. They need to know what they are doing and to know where they are going so that’s one of the reasons why we go out there and make a difference in their lives.

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