A Family Affair

WVF A Family Affair

Once you participate in a bottle-school trip in Guatemala, you can’t just go home and forget about it. The experience moved something in me to spread the word to others about this fantastic opportunity to help others in Guatemala. My daughter and I went in January 2012, where we worked on schools in El Molino and Panicuy. My husband and I went in February 2015 and worked on a three-classroom school in San Jose Las Canoas. I returned in May 2015, and we worked in San Jose Las Canoas and at a middle school in Pachay. I believe we also worked on the school in El Chocolate. In the summer of 2012, my husband and daughter helped build elementary schools.

The sooner these children get new schools, the better. For some, they have to walk long distances over very rugged roads and mountains to get to school. Building a school in their community makes it easier for them to get there daily. It also makes it more likely they will get there daily. For some, it means having less students and less grades in each classroom. For others, it has meant not having to stop class when it rains, because previously, the children got wet when it rained.

I believe education is extremely important for Guatemalans. I know with this program we are improving the chances of a student getting to school so they can get the education they so richly deserve. They need the education to be able to improve their situations and thrive. Life is hard for these families. Education opens the door to other possibilities. Education can help make their dreams come true.

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