Dancing with Destiny

WVF Dancing with Destiny

I have been on three bottle-school trips to Guatemala; they were all memorable for different reasons. I had expected to be part of helping change a community and country by giving the children a place to learn. The realities far exceeded my expectations. I fell in love with the people of Guatemala. On the first trip to the community of La Joya del Aguacatal, we manually mixed concrete, carried buckets of the cement to each classroom and used it for the floors of the classrooms and the sidewalk around the school. We also played with the kids, did a skit showing the kids how to properly brush their teeth, and handed out toothbrushes and toothpaste. It was amazing how when we first went into the communities, they welcomed us like royalty and they hadn’t even met us yet! They were also so appreciative of us being there to assist them in building their school. The kids were always smiling. The kids, the men and women of the community were eager to help whether we were mixing concrete, carrying and pouring buckets of cement, tying bottles to the wall or painting. Since the community has had to put in time and effort in building the school, they have a sense of pride and ownership of the school and take care of the school. On the last day at the closing, a little girl named Leslie Catalina came up and danced with me. We continued to dance after everyone else stopped. There are so many memorable moments, and actually all three trips were memorable! But if I had to name just one thing, it would have to be dancing with Leslie Catalina and being the only ones left on the dance floor.

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